Crafty Trade

moderated - created 04/12/05
An offshoot of Crafty Vixens, this tribe is for Crafty Vixens to trade their wares for fun and inspiration.
***Please read the ground rules before requesting membership . . . really, I mean it. Thanks!

Ground Rules:
1. Please be a participating member of Crafty Vixens. If you are not, please check out There's always something going on over there.

2. This is a tribe for trading. Feel free to lurk for a trade or two, but if you sign up for a trade, please follow through.

3. Life happens, if you are unable to send out a trade item (or do so in a timely manner) please notify the trade organizer.

4. Failure to send out an item or notify the trade organizer may result in exclusion from trades and/or the tribe.

5. Have fun and trade as you would like to be traded with . . . uhhhh or something like that. RSS Feed what is XML?

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